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The Tourism and Heritage Research Centre is an interdisciplinary research group established at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). In addition to its researchers and research units, the CRTP also has three institutional members: The Transat Chair in Tourism, The Canadian Research Chair on Urban Heritage, and the peer reviewed research journal Téoros.  Research activities overseen by the CRTP are based on the centre’s two areas of research: the first being the development of tourism, and the second, the vitalization and management of heritage sites.
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Agreement between UQAM’s School of Management and the World Tourism Organization

October 2014 – UQAM’s School of Management and the World Tourism Organization (OMT) signed an agreement on October 20th to enable the advancement of research in the field of tourism. This partnership primarily focuses on four areas of expertise: adaptation to climate change in tourism, tourism and sustainable development, heritage and culture, and accessibility in tourism. Read more

The CRTP launches its writing papers series!

Septembre 2014 – The CRTP’s writing papers are  used to broadcast the current work and research of its members. The first paper entitled, A Comprehensive Strategy to Identify Indicators of Sustainable Heritage Conservation by G.A. Tanguay, E. Berthold and J. Rajaonson, is now available here.  New writing papers will be added in the upcoming weeks and will be available on the Working Papers section of the CRTP’s website.

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November 18, 2014, Montreal – Montréal et Bruxelles en projet | International Symposium on urban densification, projects and heritage.

This conference, entitled Montréal et Bruxelles en projet, is organized by the réseau Villes, régions, monde (VRM) at UQAM’s school of Management (ESG-UQAM). It offers a unique opportunity for researchers from both Montreal and Brussels to exchange findings and ideas related to the management and development of their respective cities and metropolitan areas. The goal of this event is mainly to ensure the creation and facilitation of a learning platform for issues related to urban densification and the development of urban projects by means of research networks in Montreal and in Brussels such as government agencies, and professional associations concerned with urban development and management.

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